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    Canal du Midi Details

    The Canal du Midi is one of the attractions in Toulouse that you should include in your holiday touring itinerary. This is because this legendary canal that connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean took 12,000 workers and more than ten years to be constructed.Designed by Pierre-Paul Riquet in 1667, the Canal du Midi was intended to boost the local economy in the area of Toulouse and other nearby towns. Now, this canal is noted as one of the masterpieces that were produced during the reign of Louis XIV. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is just fitting that it is known as among the greatest attractions in Toulouse. Lined with hundred-year-old plane trees, this 241-kilometre canal is now utilized by barges while its banks are being enjoyed by strollers, and joggers. There are also bicycle trails that can be found in its towpaths. If you will take a trip along the waterway of the canal, you will learn that this is the greatest way to explore the hidden treasures of southern France.

    Address: Canal du Midi 31200 Toulouse, France