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    Couvent des Jacobins Details

    There are many attractions in Toulouse that are well worth your time should you visit them. One of these is the Couvent des Jacobins. This magnificently beautiful monastery and the peaceful cloister that comes along with it had a stormy history that is makes this attraction all the more interesting to know about.The turbulent history of the Couvent des Jacobins started in 1234 when Pope Gregory IX appointed as Inquisitor one of the friars of the Dominican order. It was also in the same year when four other brothers lit Inquisition's first fire. Because the population did not like what they did and were in fact disgusted by the behavior that they showed, the monks were thrown out of the city in the year 1235. As one of the attractions in Toulouse, the Gothic-style monastery has floors made of black marble and its apse, which is called The Palm of Jacobins, is also quite well-known. On the head of one of the columns of the monastery, a bull's head can be found, which is a symbol of the martyr Saint Saturnin.

    Address: Parvis des Jacobins, 31000 Toulouse, France