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    There are many things to do in Toulouse and among them is visiting museums during your stay here. One of the best museums that you can visit are those that are now set in exquisite private mansions like the Fondation Bemberg. Designed for a rich pastel merchant in 1555, the beautiful mansion that now houses the personal collection of George Bemberg was restored quite excellently.The Fondation Bemberg is now one of the premiere destinations that you should put in your itinerary and plan of things to do in Toulouse. You will see that while the paintings have their place of pride in the mansion, there are also sculptures and other art objects in exhibition. The Bemberg collection, which dates back primarily to the 17th century and the Renaissance era, features works from European schools like the ones produced by Cranach, Pourbus, Francois Clouet, du Tintoret and Pieter de Hooch. The modern movement of France is not also forgotten here because there are also pieces from Dufy, Manet, Vlaminck and Picasso, among others.

    Address: Place d'Assezat, 31000 Toulouse, France

    Phone: +33 5 61 12 20 60