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    If looking for a medical center happened to be among the activities in Toulouse that you have to do, then you have no reason to fret. This is because there are many medical institutions in the city and one of these is the Hospital la Grave. This hospital is found on the left bank of Toulouse, on the district of Saint-Cyprien.Sitting on almost six hectares of land, the Hospital la Grave is considered the second major hospital and the main maternity center in Toulouse during the better part of the twentieth century. The hospital got its name from the strike during the time when it was constructed right along the Garonne. During the Middle Ages, the medical center catered to people who were sick with fever. In 1674, it dealt with those who were mentally ill. Prostitutes and beggars were also being treated in the hospital. The Hospital la Grave was first mentioned in a charter of Raymond IV in 1197. Aside from its aim to treat the sick, you can see that the hospital's history makes visiting it as among the worthwhile activities in Toulouse that you could do.

    Address: 7 Place Lange, 31300 Toulouse, France

    Phone: +33 5 61 77 22 33