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    Observatoire de Jolimont Details

    One of the best attractions in Toulouse that visitors should not miss is the Observatoire de Jolimont. This observatory has a garden as well as a dome that many people like to take advantage of because of the amazing offerings they can give.Constructed in 1846, the observatory has a large beautiful park that has an entrance which was designed by 19th century architect Urbain Vitry. This opens onto winding paths where hundred-year-old oak trees are lined and where you can find an odd circular pigeon house. Because it is an observatory, you can find astronomical telescopes in the building that lets you gaze at the stars. If you want to be led through your gazing at the stars, then you can part of the Friday evening sessions with the Popular Astronomic Society. You can also visit the domes and there see why the observatory is one of the attractions in Toulouse.

    Address: 1 av Camille Flammarion, 31500 Toulouse, France