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Visitors to the south-central department of France called La Chomette will find a small commune of less than 150 people. Visitors often come to explore the outdoors. Walking trails are available throughout the city. Canoeing is also a popular outdoor activity here. During the winter months, many people can enjoy cross-country skiing or will simply go for a walk with snowshoes on. There are discount hotels in La Chromette, France near these outdoor excursions opportunities.It is a short drive from La Chomette to Le Puy. There, visitors will find the Château de Polignac, which was once an essential feudal stronghold in the region. The city is popular for its lentil fields. These fields grow so well here due to the volcanic ash-like soil prominent in the region. For those looking for cheap hotels in La Chromette, look for those that overlook the expansive fields that the region is known for having.