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Laussonne is a mountain village in France, located in the area of Haute Loire. It is a peaceful village, and visitors are drawn to the area in order to take advantage of that peace. A perfect location for relaxation, Laussonne is the epitome of what most people imagine a small French town to be. The attractions in and around Laussonne are practically guaranteed to be of interest to most, if not all the visitors to this area. The statue of the Virgin Mary, built upon a rock that is situated 500 feet above the nearby city of Le Puy-en-Velay is one such attraction. There are also many buildings from the Gothic era of history, 12th century cathedrals, and an 11th century baptistery to tour and admire.The Musee Crozatier Art Museum, the Chapelle St. Michel d’Aiquilhe, and the Cathedrale Notre-Dame are also highly interesting attractions that you will not want to miss. Restaurants in Laussonne will charm you with their wine lists and their menu selections. You can have a fantastic French meal that you will long remember. Hotels in Laussonne tend to be ultra glamorous, middle-of-the-road proper, or small, clean, and cozy. You can find a budget Laussonne hotel in any of these three ranges, and be well pleased with the price you pay. How to find these discount Laussonne hotel listings from which to choose Turn to for all your lodging needs during your stay in France.