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If you are looking for a part of France that is still relatively close to nature and not quite as touristy as others, consider the small village of Vorey in the Haute-Loire department of France. Just 2,000 people live in this south-central French town, where your budget hotel can give you a taste of the authentic and still naturally beautiful French countryside.Locals refer to the area as the land of volcanoes and lentils. Ask to be shown to the nearest ‘suc,’ or ancient volcano cone. They can be found all around Vorey and the Haute Loire area. Also visit the gorges created by the Loire and Allier rivers and the smallish mountains of Mageride, Mezenc, and Meygl. The rich volcanic soil, well watered by the rivers, led to the perfect growing conditions for its famous lentils. Plus, the first monastery in the area was founded here in 680, and so the town still features on a popular pilgrimage route called the Chemin de St. Jacques.