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Located in the northern part of Haute-Marne in Champagne-Ardenne, the community of Saint-Dizier was what the Ollona Gallo-Roman town was once. Since the 12th century, the city of Saint-Dizier has grown around the famous church of Notre Dame. However, there were traces of the Neolithic period in the city. If you love to explore old towns and villages, then go for a nostalgic weekend Saint-Dizier has to offer. Learn about the roots of the city by visiting the museums of the city such as the municipal museum of Musée de Saint-Dizier and Musée de la brasserie that features the citys brewery. Numerous religious monuments can be found too. Theres the L'église Notre Dame built in 1202, as well as the Holy Church of L'église Sainte Thérèse du Vert Bois.Aside from sight seeing and exploring old villages, the Saint-Dizier is also known for its skiing destinations come winter season. There are also great places for swimming with spas to complete your relaxation in Saint-Dizier hotels. Fishing and water activities are also common in the nearby Lake Der-Chantecoq. There are a lot of hotels in Saint-Dizier that offers. Hotels range from Saint-Dizier cheap hotels to luxurious ones. So why not be practical and opt for discount hotels Saint-Dizier provides a lot of activities you can spend on.