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Located southeast of France nearing the borders of Switzerland, Villersexel is great place for a stop over before entering Switzerland. If you have a weekend, Villersexel can get you ready for just about anything in Switzerland. However, while there, you may as well visit the Château de Villersexel, the villages main structure, that been there for centuries. You can also get to other villages and visit their historic structures such as the Léglise de Marast, La Ferme dAntan, Château dOricourt and the Atelier de Peinture Georges Mathieu. These places will give you a piece of history of the villages and you will know them well before continuing on your journey.Hotels in Villersexel can be booked online in Villersexel hotels will make sure all the things that you need for a relaxing stay is there. Villersexel cheap hotels are common and some of the rates are even better than the discount hotels. Villersexel has accommodated many travelers who keep returning due to the great service.