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About 20,000 Clusiens now live in the town of Cluses on the Arve River. This town in the Haute Savoie region of France is famous for its great setting in the Arve Valley amongst the Alps. The word cluse means a narrow valley, although Cluses is actually located in an accessible, wide valley, making it a particular favorite with tourists for skiing, as well as other winter sports and activities. When you book your hotel in Cluses, you’re certain to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this Alpine village.As recently as the first half of the 20th century, Cluses was also famous for its watch-making industry. Although today that industry has been replaced by others, the town is still influenced by that past. The National School of Clockmaking has now been made into a high school, though the building itself is considered a historic monument. Also visit the Pont Vieux on the Arve, which was once the only bridge that crossed the river.