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          A beautiful city at the South of France is the Evian-les-Bains. This is the worlds most popular thermal station as well as a health spa. It sits by the south bank of Lake Geneva. Evian-les-Bains has a strategic location accessible to many cities of France as well as neighboring countries all over Europe. There are rails and ferries to and from Switzerland as well. It has a small population of only 8 thousand long life folks, the fortunate inheritors of the world famous Natural Evian Mineral water, first discovered here. There are so many places to go and things to do. You will be lucky to play golf at the Lorrin Golf. They even have a school. The 42 acre parkland is a great place to go with kids and adults in the Evian Royal Resort. The popular lake of Nautical Centeron is a tourist attraction with the 328 feet pool and diving stage, solarium, kiddie pool, and dining facilities.All that a weekend Evian-les-Bains has to offer will surely leave you wanting for more. So plan your vacation now. will help you find hotels in Evian-les-Bains perfect for your budget. From cheap Evian-les-Bains hotels to glamorous accommodations, you will be spoiled for choice. While you are at it, check out the special discount hotels Evian-les-Bains has in store for you too.