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      Water Gardens Details

      The town of Evian Les Baines made its name in the world of tourism because of the bottled mineral water brand Evian, that is famous all over the world. Because of this, much of the tourism of Evian Les Bains has been garnered from water. In fact, most of the attractions in the town has something to do with water like the Water Gardens.Located on the southern banks of Lake Geneva, it just follows that the town is surrounded by lots and lots of water. As a result, one of its attractions, the Water Gardens is appropriately named. Situated on the banks of the lake, the gardens look out across the body of water that leads to Switzerland. Its landscape has been beautifully created into a fine pastoral environment that is surrounded by mature trees. Sweet-smelling shrubs and flowerbeds can also be found on the gardens, delighting all types of visitors that come here all year round. Considering the popularity of the Water Gardens, it can truly be described as among the major contributors of revenues to the tourism of Evian Les Bains.

      Address: Le Pré Curieux, Lac Leman, 74502 Evian-les-Bains, France

      Phone: +33 4 50 83 14 41