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Yvoire is a little French village in the province of Haute Savoie. Hugely popular with tourists, if you are planning a trip to Yvoire, you should book far in advance to assure yourself a discount hotel room. can assist you in finding budget hotel accommodations to suit your needs, as there are several to choose from in this location. It is situated on the south side of Lake Leman. Shaped like a crescent, this lake is known to be the second largest freshwater lake in the region of Central Europe. However, only 40% of this lake is under French authority, for the other 60% is controlled by Switzerland, one of the countries that is the north border of Haute Savoie. The Swiss call Lake Lemanby the name of Lake Geneva. The eastern border is the country of Italy. Once known as a fishing village, Yvoire now sports a medieval look and feel, as well as a plethora of flowers that have earned it an International Laureate of Floral Decorations.Be sure to see the 14th century military constructions and buildings that still grace the area. Yvoire still has a portion of its ancient city walls, and the entrance to the village is through two huge gates that are flanked by impressive towers on either side. There is also a 14th century medieval fortress as well as a medieval castle in Yvoire. The former kitchen garden of the castle has been turned into “The Garden of the Five Senses” and is well worth a visit. Yvoire is a calm and peaceful travel destination where you can enjoy a memorable meal of local French fare as well as a lovely view of the lake.