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    Situated a staggering 2360m above sea level, legend has it that whoever leads the leg of the Tour de France that takes in Arvieux-en-Queyras wins the tour. While that may be up for debate, what is unequivocal is the sheer beauty of this corner of the Alpine region. The Arvieux valley, a regional national park, features 13 hamlets and provides breathtaking landscapes of larch forests, sloping terrain, and cloudless nights full of stars. It also provides 45 kilometres of ski trails through the woodlands, and 15 kilometres of alpine ski slopes, the ranging difficulty levels offering something for everyone.During the summer, Arvieux is transformed into a place perfect for walks and hikes around the mirror lakes, where the beautiful flora and fauna can be discovered. The region's heritage also sits proudly on display in the Dauphinois Museum in Grenoble, where an array of carved wooden chests – the town's speciality – can be seen. To take the first step on your trip to the Alpine wonderland, find discount hotels and the best hotel deals here at