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      If you want to experience what France was like in olden times, then all you have to do is visit the many ancient streets and town areas that still exist in the country. As among the best attractions in the country, these streets and town areas have not only been exceptionally preserved but also well maintained. One of such attractions is the Vielle Ville, which offers one of the most amazing sights in Briancon.The oldest part of the town, the Vielle Ville is probably among the best parts in Briancon that you should visit first upon your arrival. The charming narrow and winding streets within this area will take you on a great journey into the past. Here you will discover the wealth of past eras, which is embodied not only on the streets themselves but also in the ancient houses that look so quaint in the 21st century. The whole expanse of the Grand Rue itself is among the best sights in Briancon that you can see, with its fountains and streams that run right into the heart of this old mountain town.