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      Orcières is a large town located in the upper valley of the river Drac in the Southern Alps. With an ancient name of "Oursières" meaning bears (ours) which is common in Alps. This town is located near St Bonnet en Champsaur and St Jean-St Nicholas. When visiting this village, people tend to go to the Le Creuset Animal Park. Some visit Circuit of the Great Lakes and Voile de la Mariée (The Bride's Veil) waterfalls and the Portes du Paradis (Doors to Paradise) for hiking and trekking. You can also be busy with skiing and paragliding. Visitors stay and experience the fun and adventure for days over the weekend. The Orcières folks will make sure that you have a comfortable stay. They offer accommodations in the different hotels in Orcières which are always within your budget. For a good listing of Orcières hotels, guests can check on If you wish to stay in discount hotels, Orcières have many choices for you. When in Orcières, you dont have to have a big budget. As long as you find those Orcières cheap hotels and you enjoy the nature, youll definitely have a memorable and unforgettable experience in this village.