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    The town of Lourdes in France is not only visited because of the miraculous cave or the places that have a connection with St-Bernadette. Aside from all the structures pertaining to the apparitions that Bernadette saw of the Virgin Mary, the town is also said to have healing waters. This is sourced from the spring that appeared near the cave where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared before Bernadette for a number of times. Because of this, there are a number of healing pools that were created using the waters. These are now among the attractions in Lourdes.There are seventeen of these healing pools that are located near the miraculous cave and right next to the river. These pools are visited by more than four hundred thousand people annually. These visitors, who are usually sick or with ailments, hope that they will be cured after immersing in the waters of the pool. While only a couple of miraculous cases were confirmed by the Catholic Church for the past twenty years, people are still continue to flock these healing pools. Among the attractions in Lourdes, these pools are testimonies to the faith that a lot of people have over the healing powers of the spring that appeared after Bernadette's apparitions.

    Address: Route de la Forét, Lourdes 65100, France