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    Marechal Foch’s Birthplace Museum Details

    The people who played great roles in the history of France are commemorated in the country one way or another. Either a street or many streets are named after them or a museum is set up and named after them. One of these great people is Marechal Foch, which is also one of the most popular names in France so that there must not be a community in the country that does not have a street that was named after him. Because he is such a well-known figure, there is also a museum that got its name from him.The Marechal Foch's Birthplace Museum is one of the attractions in Tarbes. This is because Ferdinand Foch was one of the best modern leaders in the military of France. He played a significant role in the victory of the Allied forces over the Axis powers on the European battlefields during World War I. The museum that is named after him was the house where he was born in the year 1851. The center, which is among the most celebrated attractions in Tarbes, commemorates the great achievements of Marechal Foch during his entire lifetime.

    Address: 2 r. de la Victoire F, 65000 Tarbes, France