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    Among the attractions that quite a lot of tourists flock to see in France are its museum. This is because the country is guaranteed to offer only the most fascinating and interesting artifacts when it comes to the long and colorful history, heritage and culture of its towns and cities as well as great collections of artworks, among others. One of these museums is the Massey Museum. Coming to this fine arts gallery is among the many activities in Tarbes that many tourists love to do.The Massey Museum is a noted attraction in Tarbes that is located right at its very center. The museum-gallery contains an abundance of artworks that were gathered from all over Europe and featuring a great representation of a good cross section of all the main painting or art schools in Europe. Browsing through the great collection of artworks here done by French artists is definitely one of the activities in Tarbes that a lot of visitors enjoy doing, as there is a section in the museum that is particularly associated with painters or artists who either have lived or have been inspired by the area.

    Address: Rue Achille Jubinal, 65000 Tarbes, France

    Phone: +33 5 62 44 36 95