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The commune of Bois-Colombes is a suburb of Paris. It is located to the northwest of the capital, in the Hauts de Seine region, just under 6 miles from Paris’ city center. The proximity to Paris makes it an incredibly convenient location to look for a budget hotel here at, even though the commune has one of the densest populations in all of Europe. This just means that you’ll be surrounded by Parisians and interacting with them more than other tourists.You’re likely to spend many of your days on trips in and around Paris, such as to Monet’s Gardens or Versailles. To make this easier, Bois-Colombes has service on the Transilien Paris – Saint Lazare train route from two stations in town – Bois-Colombes and Les Vallees. The town was created in 1896 when it became independent from Colombes. But in 2008, the Bois-Colombes treaty brought attention to the town again, with the claim that residents could now reach any point in the towns in 15 minutes, by any form of transportation.