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    Clichy is known in France as more of a business community rather than a place for visitors because of the big companies that choose this place over Paris. However, if you come here during the weekend, Clichy is truly a well-rounded city that has some pleasant surprises. First is the L'église Saint Medard, a church very special to some devotees since one of the pastors that served in this 17th century church was St. Vincent De Paul himself. Next is Le Pavillon Vendôme located in rue du Landy. Also built in the same century, it features a beautiful sculpture still perfectly preserved up to this day. Their museum is also an interesting place to visit as it features objects from the Neolithic period and the Gallo-Roman Era. Hotels in Clichy are scattered throughout the city to accommodate all the possible visitors. The Clichy hotels can arrange tours and transportation around the city. has a good list of the Clichy cheap hotels which are considered to be discount hotels. Clichy promises you a great time with big business buildings and century old structures.