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The city of Gennevilliers is located just 7 kilometers from the center of Paris in the Hauts de Seine region. However, its position on a sort of ‘peninsula’ on a natural loop of the Seine River kept it from becoming too much a part of the calamity that would often affect France’s capital city. With easy connections to the center of Paris, your hotel in Gennevilliers will be a convenient way to explore the capital while still being able to escape to a more serene location in the evenings.In the city itself, artifacts have been found to the Neolithic era, as well as currency from Gaelic, Roman and later times, showing that the area has been continuously inhabited for millennia. The Pasteur college now inhabits the site of the Gennevilliers Castle. The original town church was destroyed by flood in 1649, but the original bell tower stands. The existing church was rebuilt in 1650, though it was renovated in 1830 and the stained glass was done in the 20th century. An intricate series of dams are used to protect the town from similar floods, though catastrophic floods have occurred over the centuries, most recently in 1910.