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        Malakoff is famous for a contemporary museum housed in a beautiful 18th century building. Used to be known as the Maison Empire, the building was owned by the government since 1993. It was already declared as one of the historic buildings since 1980. Eglise Notre-Dame-de-la-Médaille-Miraculeuse is the towns parish church constructed in 1861. It became the towns parish church in 1873. The church houses a beautiful 17th depiction of the Holy Familys Escape to Egypt. Almost every month, there is a reason to celebrate in Malakoff over the weekend. Malakoff is mostly visited during the towns main festival, the La Fête de la Ville, every first week of June. There are many hotels in Malakoff where you can stay for your long or quick weekend vacation. These Malakoff cheap hotels can be booked online in where various packages are available. When you are staying in one of the Malakoff hotels, be sure to ask for a tour around town and even in nearby Paris. For your discount hotels, Malakoff has a good variety for you to choose from.