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      This pocket of Paris is a charming suburb of a truly great European city which lives and breathes art on a daily basis. No less than Pablo Picasso had a workshop in this Parisian suburb, situated less than three miles from the heart of France's capital city. Montrouge is a town which lives for its parades, art walks and other local festivities, and is a place where the Contemporary Art Show has existed for more than half a century. It is also home to the European Young Artists Exhibition, and a visit here is likely to leave the traveler feeling culturally enriched on a grand scale.The bustling but beautiful commune was first mentioned in monastery documents in the 12th century, and in 1860 – as Paris was enlarged – was mainly annexed to the capital. This has not stopped Montrouge from having its own personality, though, and its handy Metro links to Paris make it the perfect place to explore the great French city. To take the first step on your trip to this corner of France, check here for the best hotel prices and budget hotels at