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Vanves Details

One of the most densely populated areas of Europe, the commune of Vanves is located in the suburbs of Paris, France. You can stay in a budget hotel in Vanves, France and you will be just 3.5 miles from the Paris city center. In this commune (municipality), you will be convenient to the city but still able to enjoy a more authentic Parisian experience in the neighborhood around your cheap hotel in Vanves. The commune used to be much larger, but in 1860 a large portion of it was annexed into the modern Plaisance neighborhood (in the 14th arrondissement). Soon after that, in 1883, half of the remaining area was made into the separate commune of Malakoff.To get into the center of Paris from Vanves, you can take the Metro Line 13 from the Malakoff-Plateau de Vanves station. But before you leave France, be sure to see a few of the sights in Vanves. The Church of Saint-Remy was built in phases, the earliest of which dates from 1449. There are Gallo-Roman ruins at the communes border that date to the 2nd or 3rd century C.E. Plus, the Chateau de Vanves was first built in 1698 and later became the residence of Louis IV Henride Bourbon-Conde.