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Ville-d'Avray is an undemanding community located west of Paris. The commune is known to be one of the favorite hunting grounds of the region. La Forêt de Fausses Reposes was specifically preserved for the locals and also for the surrounding villages. You can visit the town and enjoy the forests that were preserved since the dawn of the 17th century. The forest is complemented by the Les Etangs de Corot and it was also preserved at the same time as the forests. Visit the Le Château de Ville-d'Avray built during the 18th century. The wood around it and the gardens in front are remarkable. The structure is also well preserved up to now. There is also the L'Eglise de Ville-d'Avray, a white washed church from the 17th century. Youll find in this place a museum that tells of the history of the town, especially the forests.The best time to visit Ville-dAvray is during the weekend. Ville-d'Avray comes alive every weekend with visitors who want a short vacation from work. The hotels in Ville-d'Avray are small hotels so you can tell that they are discount hotels. Ville-d'Avray is an ideal place to enjoy nature and its recommended to ask for assistance in one of the Ville-d'Avray hotels to go on a bike or enjoy the lake in a lazy boat. You can check the best of the Ville-d'Avray cheap hotels in