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Balaruc les Bains, in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of southern France. The noted inventor, Joseph-Michel Montgolfier made his home there in his final days. Stroll through the town's ancient center, which contains the Pavilion Sévigné, which was originally the town's first thermal spa, the Park Thermal, Bordes Square, or the open air markets. Watch a nautical joust in the Thau basin, or learn how to play tambourin. Try the Berlandises of Balaruc les Bains, a delicious confection stuffed with fruit pulp, and learn how they are made. Walk through rich country – forests, vineyards, lagoons and rivers. Take a windsurfing lesson. Play tennis. Take a bicycle tour. Depending on the time of year, you may want to enjoy one or more of the town's festivals: Mardi Gras and Pentecôte, of course; and the Festival of Music (June), the Festival of World Music (early July), the Bison Festival (July7), th4e Festival of Associations (September), Halloween (October), and the Christmas lights displayed during December.Balaruc les Bains has a number of fine restaurants and casual dining places, such as Aigue Marine, Auberge Chez Mimi, Bar la Jettee, Bar le Belouga, Buard Didier, La Capechade, Le Splendid, Restaurant la Coquille, Restaurant les Parisiennes, Restaurant Martinez, and Restaurant Pizzeria la Mer. is your key to getting a great deal on discount hotels in Balaruc les Bains, so that you can put the bulk of your vacation funds toward enjoying yourself in the Languedoc-Roussillon in general, and in Balaruc les Bains in particular.