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Situated at the base of Mount St. Loup, in close proximity to Montpelier, Le Cap-d'Agde, is one of Frances more well-known naturists vacation resorts. Dating back to the 6th century, Le Cap-d'Agde now has an estimated population of around 40,000 naturists. Le Cap-d'Agde is so well-known for its lifestyle that naturists travel from far off places to enjoy the freedom it offers. For an ideal holiday weekend, Le Cap-d'Agde has activities such as tournaments, festivals, beaches, and historical landmarks. The architecture of some of the most well-known cathedrals and churches, such as The Cathédral Saint-Etienne, L église Saint-André, and L église Saint-Sever, is magnificent to behold. Le Musée de lEphébe, an archaeological underwater museum, has a huge collection of some of Frances historic bronzes.Le Cap-d'Agde hotels are within walking distance of many attractions. Most of the hotels in Le Cap-d'Agde offer lavish accommodations. If youre seeking great discount hotels, Le Cap-d'Agde has a good assortment to choose from. In Le Cap-d'Agde, cheap hotels are available and their services are top notch. Book your discount early at