Hotels in Lunel

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Lunel Details

Seaside and mountains make up the small commune of Lunel in southern France. It also has many monuments and landmarks. If you wish for an enchanting weekend, Lunel has some surprises in store. One of the great attractions is the Notre Dame du Lac where you can see a majestic bell tower and an organ designed by Cavaillécoll as well as paintings from the middle ages. There's also the Real of Penitent which is a time tested convent belonging to the Carmelite friars where you will be amazed by its neo gothic architecture. You can also visit the Castle of Gaucelm which is one of the most remarkable castles in France. There are many hotels in Lunel which will cater to all your needs. If you desire discount hotels, Lunel has a good selection. Of course, there are also luxury Lunel hotels to suit your fancies. You may visit to get a better idea of the place and the hotels available. Though Lunel is a popular camping location, if you are traveling with your family, cheap Lunel hotels may be a good choice. During the Tour de France, Lunel will be especially crowded so plan properly.