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Montpellier is definitely one of the best places in France. They have beaches, museums, architectural sites, and activities that will leave you breathless for the weekend. Montpellier has developed into such a great town because of their Kings and Church authorities focusing on building great structures in this town. One of the places that you should visit is the Place de la Comedie with the beautiful fountain of Trois Graces set in front of an Opera. Visit this place at night and you’ll see its full beauty against the light. The town also has their own Arc de Triomphe built in 1692 in honor of Louis XIV. Lastly, they also have beautiful churches and among them is the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre built in the 14th century. Many restorations have been made to preserve its gothic architecture.There are many hotels in Montpellier located near the places of interest. Depending on your preference, you can also choose Montpellier hotels near beaches especially during summer. Whatever the location of the discount hotels, Montpellier can provide a great holiday for your whole family. If you prefer Montpellier cheap hotels, you can book them in advance with