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        There are many activities in Montpellier that are worth being a part of, this especially if you are here to learn of your Jewish roots. While not every local in the place can be beguiled by these activities that delve in to the Jewish ancestry of the quite a number of people in France, there are really visitors who look for this kind of enlightenment in a tourist destination. Good thing that there is the Center Communautaire Culturel Juif in Montpellier that holds such events.The center is known for publicizing and organizing activities in Montpellier that are meant to promote awareness, appreciation and better understanding of the both the past and present Jewish culture. Among these events are film showings, meetings with artists, conferences and poetry readings that are open to everyone. The Center Communautaire Cultural Juif is also known to be a source of information and advice and it even provides different resources like videos and periodicals. You can even arrange for Hebrew lessons through the center.

        Address: 500 Boulevard Antigone, 34000 Montpellier, France

        Phone: +33 4 67 15 08 76