Hotels in Le Corum Congress Centre

        Le Corum Congress Centre Details

        Being a unique and special place, it can be said that Le Corum Congress Center is definitely a great part of the tourism in Montpellier. This is not only because it hosts events but also because its conception brought together the Congress Center and the Berlioz opera house in one immense design of contemporary influences.The Corum Congress Center has 3 auditoriums and six-thousand square meters of convertible exhibition areas as well as 21 smaller rooms, offices, gala and reception halls. With all these space, it can be expected that Le Corum welcomes all types of events, from conferences and meetings to major shows and performances. Aside from the a la carte service that the center offers, it also offers all-inclusive services that ranges from renting out rooms and halls to the management of the whole event to be hosted. Situated on the Mediterranean coast on the south of France, it can be expected that the people coming to be part of the events in the center will add to the tourism in Montpellier.

        Address: Esplanade Charles De Gaulle, 34000 Montpellier, France

        Phone: +33 4 67 61 67 61