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        Le Jardin des Plantes Details

        The Jardin des Plantes is one of the Montpellier attractions that you should not fail to visit. This garden was created in 1953 and since then has offered people an ambiance of serenity and peace. Up to this day, there are many people who see the garden as a peaceful haven from the usual hustle and bustle that one could see in the metropolis that surrounds it.As among the Montpellier attractions, the Jardin des Plantes now has a wide variety of both exotic and indigenous plant species. It even has a number of trees that date way back to the time when the garden was initially created. The garden also has intertwining paths on different levels and has a number of small follies, grottoes, canals and a lot of busts of featured botanists with beards. The other notable features of this garden that have added to its beauty is its orangery, bamboo and rock gardens, its tropical greenhouses and even the small duck pond within it. You can enter the garden for free.

        Address: Boulevard Henri IV, 34967 Montpellier, France

        Phone: +33 4 34 43 36 20