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    Villeneuve lès Béziers has so much to offer that you will never be short of things to do. Its history is long and unique, and begins when the emperor Charlemagne gave the land as a gift to Valchaire over a thousand years ago. Now it is most well known for its wine growing practices, which are as ancient as the town itself. If you stay here, you should not miss out on tasting as much as the local wine as you can, as you will certainly not find it lacking in quality.If you stay in one of the hotels in Villeneuve lès Béziers, which can be booked using, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Take advantage of the spectacular nearby beaches, and polish up on your history by visiting the numerous roman arenas scattered around the area. If you fancy kicking back and relaxing, take advantage of the Saint Thomas golf course for a few holes, or even enjoy some fishing in the canal.