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Châteaubourg Details

Whether you see Chateaubourg, Kastell-Bourc’h or Chasteu-Borg, all of these refer to the town of Chateaubourg in the Ille et Vilaine department of France. Be sure that you ask the concierge at your hotel for directions to the Church of St. Peters. The church is lovely, and is in view from much of the town. The stunning structure has a beautiful bell tower with a central steeple surrounded by four smaller turret-like structures on each corner of the tower.The train station in Chateaubourg was inaugurated by Napoleon in 1858, and has been serving the village since. Interestingly, the town was one of the first to receive electricity. This was due to the fact that the mill in town, now a hotel, needed electricity to run its turbine engine. Today, it’s hard to imagine a factory inside of the palatial looking structure. For a bit of mystery, visit the unusually constructed church of Saint Melaine. Its cemetery contains a tomb of an unknown person from the 16th century.