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In the northwestern region of Brittany, France, the town of Saint-Brice-en-Cogles is found in the Ille et Vilaine department. About 12,000 people, known as Bricois, live in the town, which is just 29 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel and just 46 kilometers from the district capital of Rennes. There are some beautiful sights in the region - enough that you may want to book a budget hotel in Saint-Brice-en-Cogles. You can easily use your discount Saint-Brice-en-Cogles hotel as a home base and explore other parts of the region in day trips.There are also a number of attractions in the town of Saint-Brice-en-Cogles itself. See the 17th century Chapel of Sainte-Catherine and the 19th century Saint Brice Church. The Chateau du Rocher-Portail was built in 1617 and the Chateau de Saint-Brice dates from the 17th century. There are also two interesting manor houses: the 15th century Manor de la Branche and the 17th century Manor de la Bouvrais.