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If you have decided you would like to experience what it would be like to live in the French countryside, choosing Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes is a smart choice. Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes is located in the Ille et Vilaine region of France. This is also in the district of Brittany, a beautiful part of France. Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes is a tiny village, situated on the Bay of Mont St.Michel. Visitors to the area who want the experience of gathering oysters head over to Cancal and its pristine banks of oysters. This places you close to St. Malo, a very popular walled tourist city with many historical attractions that you will want to take the time to check out. You’ll enjoy the Cathedral of St. Vincent, the Dolidor Tower with its nautical museum, and the Privateer’s House, another nautical museum.When in Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes, you are also quite close to the beaches of Point de Grouin. Enjoy the sun and sand as well as many water sports during your stay. Restaurants in Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes serve prime seafood in a plethora of dishes, as well as the standard French fare. Hotels in Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes offer guests a memorable stay in lodging that is quite comfortable, clean, and attractive. If you intend to stick to a travel budget, you’ll be looking for a cheap Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes hotel. That’s when the listings at can help you to locate a Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes hotel. You will enjoy your trip to France immensely when you are able to save money on your Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes hotel.