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Vitré is a French town in Brittany. As of 2007, the city has a population of 17,000 inhabitants. It can be found near Normandy and Anjou. The alluring Vitré has been a popular historic and artistic town and was even named so by the countrys Ministry of Culture. The best way to discover its artistic and historical heritage is by visiting some of the popular attractions like the 11th century Castle of Vitré or the beautiful manor of the 17th century called the Château-Marie. There's even a Renaissance hotel called the Hôtel Ringues de la Troussanais. A lot of streets and plazas exude medieval architecture so try observing the streets when you pass by. Aside from these, surely, there's religious heritage too. Near the Castle of Vitré is where youll find the Saint-Nicolas chapel. They also have a 14th century Gothic church in the Notre-Dame Church. If you want to spend a memorable weekend, Vitré is just the perfect solution for you. There are so many places of interest to see, you really have to stay here longer. Book Vitré hotels in You can search for cheap Vitré hotels to not so cheap hotels in Vitré. Live in grand style at the discount hotels. Vitré hotels promote many different packages for all your needs. Discover Vitré today.