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    Indre-et-Loire, like Indre, is part of the Loire Valley. There is the Château de Monpayon with its museum on the hunt. The Château dAssay-le-Rindeau is a feminine structure with decorative turrets and frilly swirls. Its interior is airy, its moats, only for show. In Indre-et-Loire you can see the Château de Chenonceau with its turreted pavilion (1513-21) and romantic gardens, the Château dUseé or the Château de Langais. Forget staying here for a weekend; Indre-et-Loire has too much to show you. The major city in Indre-et-Loire is Tours. Tours is the Heart of the Loire Valley. Here you can visit the Museum of Gemmail and the Tour Charlemagne. Here, too, is the Clock Tower and the Museum of St. Martin in the restored 13th century chapel of the adjoining cloisters of the Abbey. There is the Museum of Archaeology, a Guild Museum and a Wine Museum in the 13th century cloisters of St. Julien church.