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Amboise is a commune located in central France on the banks of the Loire River. Although it was once the home of French royalty, today it is a small market town. It's a city that everyone enjoys visiting, whether for a short weekend or a long vacation. Amboise is the site of many interesting sites such as the Pagode de Chanteloup, a tall Chines Pagoda that's seven levels high.The interesting part is that each level is a little smaller than the one before. This interesting building, built in 1775, is open to the public. If you're in the market area, you can't miss the Max Ernst fountain in the design of a turtle. You'll want pictures of this to take home. Dining establishments are plentiful here with restaurants such as L'alliance for delicious French food, Le Lion d'Or, Le pavilion de Lys or Le Parvis to name a few.