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One of the greatest attractions in Amboise is the Clos-Luce, which was where Leonardo Da Vinci lived until his death in 1519. Even if the great master of all forms of arts and science only lived in the building for three years, it still houses a number of his works that many people are quite interested to see.Now a small museum, the Clos-Luce can be found within the 3-kilometre area of the Chateau d'Amboise's base. It is a structure made of bricks and stones erected in the 1400's. This first served as the retreat where Anne de Bretagne, as based on the legend, spent a lot of her time in prayers and meditation. Later, Da Vinci was installed here by Francois I until the artist's death. At present, Clos-Luce, being the site where insights into Da Vinci's life can be seen, is one of the attractions in Amboise frequented by a lot of people. Giving a sense of the decorative arts of the era, the manor contains furniture from Da Vinci's era, his sample sketches, his flying machine models, bridges and cannons as well as primitive example of a machine gun.

Address: 2 Rue du Clos Lucé, 37400 Amboise, France

Phone: +33 2 47 57 00 73