Hotels in Courcelles de Touraine

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Courcelles de Touraine Details

Courcelles-de-Touraine is a cozy town with population less than 500. However, in a typical weekend, Courcelles-de-Touraine accommodates visitors from all over the country because of their proximity to golf courses. Golf du Chateau des Sept Tours, Golf de Tours Ardree and Golf de Touraine are less than 20 minutes away from the center of the town. If you are not interested in golf, there are other reasons for you to visit this commune. Even with the small population, three houses, the Château de Chantilly, Château du Vivier and Manoir de La Tannerie all built before or during 1800s are located in this area. Eglise Saint-Barthélemy is a 12th century parish with modern addition and up to this day the commune still uses it for their religious has a good listing of Courcelles-de-Touraine cheap hotels. If your stay in one of the discount hotels, Courcelles-de-Touraine will entertain and accommodate your needs as they arrange transportation to nearby golf courses. There are some Courcelles-de-Touraine hotels that also offer a tour around the village. Hotels in Courcelles-de-Touraine will make sure you will have a great time so that you will visit them again someday.