Hotels in Restigné

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Restigné Details

Restigné is a village located in central France, and is famed across the country for the quality of its vineyards. If you are a wine lover, this could well provide you with the ultimate vacation if you come to stay in one of the village’s hotels. The center of wine making is the Abbaye de Bourgueil, which has been making red wine for over a thousand years. Such a long and distinguished history makes it something quite special, and you can take a wine-tasting trip to the Abbaye as part of your can help you to take advantage of this region by providing you with numerous hotels to stay in during your time in Restigné. As well as the vineyards to look around and enjoy the wine, you can also make a trip to the historic sites of interest, such as the impressive church. Located in the Loire Valley, the area offers some quite spectacular scenery, and will provide a perfect getaway.