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    A city that features castles, museums and a legendary wine factory, Tours is definitely a place for a great weekend. Tours has hotels located among the tourist hotspots so you’ll have a great time. Tours hotels can easily be located through or you can just ask the locals while the small population makes it easy to roam around. Tours cheap hotels are always there in any given season. Discount hotels Tours are there to entice visitors to stay longer which is not a bad idea after all.If you’re staying in one of the hotels in Tours, you should stop by Merceir Champagne House where they offer modern wines. Castle de Chambord and Chenonceau castle are two of the most beautiful castles you’ll find in this area. Cheverny Castle is also a great place to visit though you’re not allowed to enter; the view is always worth it. Musée Goüin will not let you take pictures but the artifacts of the ancient city are a great sight to behold. Musee de Compagnonnage is not just a museum but it’s the museum of Tour De France. Chaumont Castle is quite far but it’s definitely worth the diversion. Tours, the origin of all tours!