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    Vinci International Convention Centre Details

    Situated right at the intersection of a major network of roads, Tours in France is considered as both a capital of the art of living and a large European metropolis. Because of this, it can be expected that the tourism of Tours is among the booming ones in the country. This is compounded by the fact there is a premiere convention center in the area that draws in more than just the normal holiday crowd, which is the Vinci International Convention Center.This center is located in the heart of Tours, right in front of the railway station. It has three auditoriums, seating 2000, 700 and 350 people respectively, that are all equipped with the latest technology when it comes to sound, projection, lighting and simultaneous translation systems. There are also 22 modular break-out rooms in the building as well as 3,800 square meters of reception and exhibition area. Because the Vinci International Convention Center is an excellent venue with great equipment, facilities and service, it is undoubtedly one of the major players in the tourism of Tours.

    Address: 1, place Francois Truffaut 37000, Tours, France