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Veigné is a French city, located in the department, or province of Indre et Loire. It is quite small, yet retains a bit of the peace of the French countryside in its ambiance. This could possibly be because of Veigné’s close proximity to the Loire River. If you have been looking for a vacation spot where you could kick back and relax, Veigné is definitely the place for you. In and around Veigné are several attractions that most visitors to the area will attempt to see while they are in France. The 15th century Tours Cathedral is one such attraction.The Municipal Botanical Garden that is located in Tours, a city that is close to Veigné, is another tourist attraction that you won't want to miss. This area in and around Veignéis known as the Garden of France. There are vineyards in this vicinity that are some of the best producers in the entire Loire Valley. Restaurants in Veigné make good use of the wine that is produced here, as well as serving some of the best French cuisine for miles around. Book your hotel in Veigné or the areas that closely surround it by first deciding the dates you will travel. Hotels in such a well traveled area tend to be booked in advance during certain parts of the year. If you have a budget hotel in mind, you should allow to advise you on what hotels will be available to suit your needs.