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A small town situated in central France, Buzancais is known for its beautiful natural surroundings. The Park Regional Naturel de la Brenne is a perfect spot for various outdoor activities, such as hiking and mountain biking. You can also enjoy many water activities at the Rives de l'Indre. Aside from the natural attractions, there are also several historical structures that attract many visitors during the weekend. Buzancais is home to the wonderful 12th century church of Chapelle Saint-Lazare and the 15th century Château de Beauvoisin. There are also excellent golf courses you can visit in Buzancais, such as the Golf Club du Val de l'Indre and the Golf du Domaine de Dryades.In Buzancais, cheap hotels can be easily found since this town is considered a rural commune. There are several hotels in Buzançais that offer guided tours to all the places of interest. You can also opt for travel packages that include these tour services and discount hotels. Buzancais offers excellent hospitality which is typical of rural towns in France. You can find complete information about Buzancais hotels at