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The city of Chateauroux is the capital of the French department, or county of Indre. Chateauroux is situated on the Indre River, and nestled at the edge of the Brenne national park and the Chateauroux Forest. It is a city of parks, with some 1112 acres of them scattered around the city. Besides all of the activities that can be enjoyed in a park, Chatearoux has many things to see and do, especially if you are a history lover. There are quite a few historic buildings as well as museums in the city. You will want to check out the Chateau Raoul, the Church of Notre Dame, the Musee Bertrand, the Church of St. Martial, the Jardins des Cordeliers, and the Quartier St. Christophe, and other landmarks and historic sites.Chateauroux is about 2 miles away from Paris, so you will always have the option of going to that famous city for a day trip. You’ll more than likely prefer Chateauroux, however, as the ambience is much calmer than that of Paris. Attractions such as a guided tour of the nature reserve and the historic city center are much preferred by many people than the hustle and bustle of a big city. Restaurants in Chateauroux are many and varied, and included ethnic cuisines such as Indian and Chinese. Chateauroux hotels run the gamut from small to large. If a discount hotel sounds like the type of hotel you would be interested in, let assist you in locating accommodations that will save you some money that can be used on other aspects of your vacation.