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The Indre department in central France is dominated by the capital of Chateauroux. Nearby, Le Poinconnet is a small town that is quieter and less trafficked by tourists. If you want to enjoy the Chateauroux attractions but also stay in an authentic, charming location, then look on for a Le Poinconnet budget hotel.This region of France has a mix of both the ancient and the modern attractions. The Roman town of Castrum Dolis was found where the modern Chateauroux stands. The name comes from the Chateau Raoul, the lovely palace that still has a museum with fine art and archaeological findings. Visit the incredible Bertrand Hotel, with its museum that features exhibits on Napoleon, as well as contemporary art from Belgium and Holland. No matter when you visit, there is likely to be a festival on, from an antiques fair to a Christmas market. If you’re visiting in summer and want to enjoy some water sports on your stay, visit La Belle Isle.